Our Latest Project: Traffic Art

Our Latest Project: Traffic Art

Here at Work Lush, our team is constantly working to create an impactful presence for entrepreneurs, small businesses and enterprises. Through the use of digital media, marketing, and social media, we love to watch our clients grow and develop. One of our latest projects we are proud to present is Traffic Art.


The founder of Traffic Art, Juriel Majeed, created this app with the goal to give very talented individuals with no outlet the opportunity to showcase their talents, network, and build a connection.

Along with the constant stream of content contributed globally, Traffic Art handpicks artists, musicians, designers, and the work that inspires them to curate each specific genre page, as well as exclusive videos that highlight each individual. Users can showcase their art on the app and be randomly selected by a team of curators, or visit their website trafficart.city and submit your work.

Events and Community Outreach

Traffic Art performs several events such as flagship showcases, panel discussions, jam sessions, pop up shops, fashion shows, live art shows, art galleries, and show concerts. Juriel believes that art can be used on a much broader scale. He has visions of using the music and art culture to give back to the community. Through concerts and mentorships, he believes that everyone deserves the chance be able to enjoy the lifestyle that art has to offer.


Traffic Art aspires to become an outlet, develop creative content, create a festival, partner with a larger brand, and have major brand ambassadors.


Don’t let your talent go unnoticed, download the Traffic Art app today. Available on iTunes  and Google Play

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