Who we are

WorkLush was birthed with a disruptive soul by two entrepreneurs; a former rock star and his partner a digital engineer. Our team is the disruption, web futurists with one clear goal: to assist with developing and recreating a company’s identity. We break all the rules when it comes to guerilla marketing and design. When we first started the company, we envisioned making our business like a well oiled machine to give everyday people with great business plans and inventions a chance to present these ideas to the masses with the highest possible quality using our tools.

What makes us different

Its all about creating a larger than life appearance.
Most inventions start with a problem, in our case the problem was entrepreneurs’ with great ideas that didn’t have a team to help execute them properly. We wanted to become that team, we thought it would be genius to set up a company that helps companies start up, revitalize and market their products to Millennials and Generation Z.


Entrepreneurship is not just about starting businesses. Getting out on the other side, ideally richer than before, is just as important. Unless you’re one of ...

History was made here in New York City on July 13, 2017! Artists, designers, and musicians from all around the world came together to create one incredible nigh...

“Give light and people will find the way.”

Ella Baker

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