Marketing: Social Media and Traditional

Social Media is the modern day ‘heartbeat’ of society. It is the IT’ of the new era. The new era is lead by technology. In marketing, social media takes “word of mouth” to another level. One post can spread to thousands of people in seconds. In minutes your business can go from a ghost town to a the hottest spot on the strip. The question to ask yourself is do you have a social media presence?

A social media presence may be the difference from running an under-performing business or an over achieving business. Without a social media presence, your business doesn’t really exist. Maybe to the locals who live down the street and around the corner. But to the rest of us, we’ve never heard of you or your business.

Let’s change that.

Here at WorkLush, we design and develop a personalized marketing campaign to generate revenue and create a buzz that extends beyond your local market.

Do you have a social media presence?

Yes. We have a strong social media following.

No. We do not have a social media presence.

Tell us what you think. We would like to know.

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